Wait, You Have To Buy Your Books?

dorcas washington

One of the things I dreaded most when coming to college is buying books!  I didn’t know when I should buy or how to get the best price or where to start.

Thanks for TNet — our registrar’s website–we can view which classes we want to take and register through there. After you register for classes you can view your classes’  books. It’s nice because it shows you Transy’s Bookstore price to rent, buy new and used and even get a digital copy. From there, you can shop around online or just log on to Transy’s Bookstore website or go there and get the books.

The people who work at the book store are really nice too! You can go in there and look for the books yourself or sometimes if you don’t know which books you need, they’ll find the books for your class and get them for you. I got my Fall Term books during August Term and I’ll probably  purchase Winter Term books during the break.

Buying, Renting and Other Stuff

I personally bought all my Latin books because I wanted  to write in them and take notes, but I rented my Calculus II and General Psychology books. I knew I didn’t want to take the next step to Calculus III and I really wouldn’t be using my Psych book again.

If you already know your major, a lot of people buy their intro course books and the ones the relate to their major as reference books for the upcoming years. I didn’t get any digital books but if you have an eReader or iPad, you have that option too.

But all in all. Buying books isn’t too bad, just make sure you get it done in time.