The Greek Mystique

brittany fallen

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When I first arrived at Transy, I wasn’t interested in Greek life at all
. I just didn’t think it was for me.

However, at the beginning of my sophomore year, I decided to see what it’s all about. Honestly, I am so glad I decided to join! It has opened up a lot of new opportunities for me. I now have a huge group of sisters who are always there for me, a new leadership position, and a lot of fun social opportunities.

I’m sure many of you are interested in knowing what Greek life is all about. But if I told you, I’d have to…well, you know the rest. Just kidding!

Greek life is nothing like the movies.

A lot of the things we do involve community service. If you haven’t already, you should read Emily’s blog about Phi Mu‘s Cupcake Wars!

I cannot tell you how many people (non-Greek and various chapters) showed up for the Holiday Bingo that was hosted by Alpha Omicron Pi to support the Arthritis Foundation and the American Juvenile Arthritis Association.

The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi had quite a turn out for their Red Cross Pumpkin Toss, where people took their frustration out on some pumpkins for a good cause!

Don’t even get me started on how big Chi Omega’s Campus SING is. Campus SING is basically a campus-wide dance-off where each Greek chapter and a male and female group of Independent people donate canned goods for God’s Pantry in order to compete.

In short, being a part of Greek life can provide you with a lot of wonderful opportunities and introduce you to some great people.

However, if you are not interested in Greek life, there are plenty of other great things to be a part of on campus! From theater to community service, from student government to athletics, there is something for everyone. If you would like to learn more about campus involvement, visit: