End-of-Semester Nostalgia


So the semester is officially over. As excited as I am to be home for awhile, and as pumped as I am about next semester, this one is still worth talking about. At least one more time.

Because it was amazing.

So, in no particular order (except in the random order I thought of them), here are a few of the many reasons why this semester was by far my best one yet!:

First, I have the coolest job on campus. As an Admissions Ambassador, I get to talk about how much I love Transylvania (which I do all the time anyways). I give tours and host students on overnight visits. It’s so fun and I work with the coolest people! Future Pioneer Tip: Find a job that doesn’t feel like work. One that fits your strengths and interests. Makes everything more fun!

Second, I had really cool opportunities in my classes this semester. For example, in my Classical Rhetoric class, our final project could be based on any rhetorical “artifact” — anything that makes an argument/sends a message. An ad campaign, a documentary, a book, a speech, an article, etc. etc. My professor told us to pick a subject that we were “borderline obsessed with” so that we wouldn’t get tired of it too early. So my project was about toms.com. I am not quite obsessed, but a huge fan of TOMS Shoes. And it was an awesome project. Getting to study something you’re actually interested in instead of reading out of a textbook all the time? Perfect.

Third, I got my first taste of being a journalist this semester writing for our campus paper, The Rambler. I was the opinion editor this semester and it was always challenging. But exciting and fun. Another place to work with fun people. Plus it’s cool to see how a newspaper works “behind the scenes,” even on a small level. And I promise a real behind-the-scenes-look-at-the-newspaper blog is coming. Because it’s pretty cool.

I officially declared my major and minor this semester. That was pretty exciting!

I also have a super-cool internship lined up for next semester. I know it doesn’t start till next semester, and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it more once it starts, but how it came about definitely counts for Fall 2012. Because I wasn’t even looking for one. Who would’ve thought an internship was possible as a sophomore? But (and here’s where it gets cheesy…) with our awesome professors and Career Development Center, anything can happen. For real.

My Classical Rhetoric professor heard about a communications internship with a new Lexington nonprofit, CivicRush. (Check them out, they’re awesome.) So he emailed it to me and asked if I would be interested. Duh! So he, a representative of Civic Rush, Susan Rayer (director of the Career Development Center) and I met to talk it over, and it seemed to be a great fit!

So here’s what that means: this internship at a nonprofit (the direction I want to go after graduation!) will count for course credit. So it will be one of my four classes next semester. And my other three all happened to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So every MWF, I’ll be going to work like a grown up!

Told you this semester was ridiculously awesome.

I seriously keep wondering how I got so lucky to have such a perfect start to my sophomore year. But having these kinds of opportunities isn’t a luck thing.

It’s a Transy thing.