Stuff College Kids Like: Winter Edition

rachel johnson

Uggs: furry little monsters that are supposed to keep your feet warm

Moccasins: I’m guilty of this one…but they’re just sooo comfortable.

North Face: This is a big one. I’m pretty sure everyone I know owns a North Face.

Wallabees: Are these really made out of the animal? Poor things…

Riding boots: You know, those tall, leather ones? Of course we don’t ride horses in those. Leggings included.

Pullover fleece: Heard of Patagonia?

Decorating: It seems like everyone at Transy goes a little overboard with the decorating, but I’m not complaining. Spread the cheer!

Yoga Pants: I’ve heard the boys in particular are big fans.

Flannel: Why?

Grandpa Sweaters: Why not?