DIY Dorm Decorations!



Decorating a dorm room was seriously what I was most excited about when I moved off to college. But it can get expensive. So to save money, I’ve done a lot of DIY-decorating projects. And I know plenty of other people have too.

I like DIY projects because they’re cheap, easy and environmentally-friendly. Especially ones that count as “up-cycling.” Which has become my new favorite hybrid word because it sounds cool and it’s seriously awesome. Taking something that would otherwise get thrown out and turning it into something useful. Why not?!

This is especially useful when decorating your room for the holidays. You don’t want to spend a lot of money, and if it’s only going to be up between Thanksgiving Break and Finals Week, it’s not really worth a major investment.

So here are some ideas to get your creativity going as you start storing up ideas for your new room!

  • When my family put up our Christmas tree at home over Thanksgiving Break, one of our strings of lights was less than perfect. As in, one color’s worth of lights didn’t work but the rest were fine. So rather than throw the string away, I took it back to school with me. I know that sounds weird but I had a plan (which I saw on Pinterest…). I put the string of lights in an empty vase I had and plugged it in. You can’t tell that a bunch of the lights are broken because it’s all crammed in the vase. And it looks so cool.
  • My not-wanting-to-throw-anything-away habit must have spread to the rest of my family because we had several of those little side dish containers from KFC stacked in our kitchen this summer. They’re a good size and I knew there had to be a use for them. Four of them now sit on my dresser and hold little things like ponytail holders and earrings. Smart, right? I know 🙂
  • Over the summer, I decided to paint an old wooden stool for my room so that I could sit while I was getting ready in the morning and still be able to see in the mirror above the dressers (Stole that idea from my roommate last year). So, with some small bottles of paint from Hobby Lobby and some brushes we had laying around the house, I painted this stool. It doesn’t really match anything, but I didn’t want it to. And just like that, I had a unique piece of furniture for my room!

Dorm decorating is fun in general — and I’ll probably blog about it more later because I’m really that obsessed — but finding ways to do so that are cheap and eco-friendly?

What could be better?!