Finals Stress Solutions

malory thelen

During this past week, I have already begun to hear the sleep-deprived musings of Transy students as they begin to study for finals and polish their many papers due.  However, I have also been introduced to solutions to many of these crunch-time problems; it’s called Stress Fest.

Stress Fest is a week-long invention filled with events to de-stress students during the days leading up to finals as well as exam days themselves.  So, I have compiled a list of some of the phrases I have heard (some of which I borrowed from Ms. Fallen’s article!) as well as their respective solutions.

  1. “I’m so hungry” (usually proclaimed right after a person begins to study).  But have no fear, late night breakfast is here!  On December 8, our Student Activities Board (SAB), which has planned all the Stress Fest events, is sponsoring a breakfast feast in our dining hall beginning at nine at night.
  2. “I’ve worn yoga pants like…every day this week.”  Well, then these students might as well put their choice of clothing to good use!  On the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of finals week, there will be yoga in the Beck Center, our fitness center, for students to meditate and find their inner strength to get through their exams.
  3. “I miss my dog.”  Studies have proven that petting dogs actually relieves stress, so in the spirit of scientific fact, we are hosting a puppy petting room during our finals week.  While these puppies are actually fully-trained dogs, this is one of the most highly anticipated events on campus.  There most certainly is power in puppies!
  4. “I just want to go Christmas shopping.”  When the holiday break is so close, one cannot help but make their list and check it twice.  But whether you have been naughty or nice this year, Transy brought the shopping to campus for its students.  The Sustainability Office invited fair-trade vendors to set up shop for a day.  Their products were not only perfect for presents, they also supported local businesses and fair-trade.  Unfortunately though, I am now broke from all the cute stuff I bought.
  5. “Brain…no work…no more…study all night.”  Students are studying for such long periods of time that they sometimes forget that it is beneficial to take breaks.  And what better way to get the blood pumping again than jumping on trampolines or shenanigans in foam pits?  Laughter and blood circulation increase students’ productivity, plus it’s just plain fun.

While Transy students take academics and finals week very seriously, we also take time for fun activities to de-stress and be together.  We are a community of learners, a community of studiers, and on Tuesday we will commence to be a community of puppy-petters!

What a wonderful life.