The Rambler, Me, and You

ameka menes

“Can we print that?”

“Is that [name omitted for privacy] in that photo?”

“Did you send me that file?”

“Did you just blurify that?”

Among the chatter of news stories, personal stories, and – dare I admit – gossip, the Rambler without fail is completed for Thursday morning publication.

Should you come to campus, the Rambler is Transy’s weekly newspaper that aims to report what’s happening anywhere and everywhere on campus, as well as what you may be interested in off campus (there are plenty of great Arts & Entertainment things you may not hear about otherwise), as well as covering student opinion whether the majority will or will not agree. The news will see the press and opinions will be represented.

I’ve always enjoyed perusing the Rambler, but when I became A&E editor I saw how much really went into assembling a single issue. The first one I worked on was a little daunting, but then I got into the swing of it. Some weeks it’s still hard trying to get every story I want on my page to be written by the deadline. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen despite that everyone tries their best.

At the end of day when I consider why I signed up for this position I remember my love for the arts. I want to spike the intrigue of others so that they will experience and take advantage of all the cool things happening so close to them.

I also get to select what events I’ll cover for my page. If I chose to assign a story to a writer, I know all of them personally: I know what stories they’ll be enthusiastic to cover because I know their interests. They are all really great and passionate writers that I get to work with regularly. I’m lucky to be at Transy working with students that are as dedicated as I am.

And so, with that said, if you come to Transy our news will become your news. Maybe you’ll join the staff, or if that’s not your cup of tea, you can become part of the campus audience we write for.

But before you make your decision, come visit campus and don’t forget to sample an issue!