Career Development – Not as Scary as It May Sound

malory thelen

Ever since I attended the Career Development Session for a Creative Engagements credit, I have been overly excited to set up a meeting to discuss a summer job search.  I know this might sound lame, but let me try to explain how awesome this place is.

First of all, when you walk in the door, everybody will offer to get you a drink.  Not only can you choose from whatever soda or water you prefer, the whole staff is super friendly!

Then, I met with Susan, the director of Career Development, who is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I’m not much of a conversationalist myself, but I can talk to her not only about my relevant skills on a resume but about pretty much anything at all.  During our first meeting, she showed me around the webpage for Career Development, provided me with the contact information of alums in the fields I am interested in, and gave me “homework” (which was only to draft a resume!) for our follow-up meeting.  And, all of this took place in forty minutes!

This week, I had my follow-up with Susan.  She looked over the resume I had created with our online guide and gave me great feedback on it.  She is genuinely excited, like all faculty and staff on campus, to help students like me excel.  Each time I leave Career Development, I carry with me a sense of happiness and purpose, as well as an ice cold Coke!

While higher education is the first step into the so-called real world, there is life after Transy (which I don’t always like to think about considering how great it has been so far).  Career Development is that first acknowledgement of “Hey, I’m going to need a grown-up job when I graduate.  I might as well start developing those experiences now.”  Plus, the skills we hone in the classroom complement the resources we can find in Career Development.

Hopefully now you can understand a little better why this place makes me so excited.  It’s not my desire for money or work – it’s about the countless opportunities out there.

But then again, it’s also the fact that all those possibilities start here, at Transylvania with the inimitable people like Susan and the resources like the Career Development Center.


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  1. I LOVE the Career Development Center! You’re right about everyone offering drinks, too — sometimes they even have cake!

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