What to Bring to College: Weird Weather Edition

An amazing snowfall…in MARCH!

In case you’re wondering, when you get to college, snow days will become a thing of the past. Since most students live on campus, it’s rare for a university to cancel all classes due to weather.

In fact, Transylvania has only cancelled classes twice since it was founded in 1780. As far as I know. Once during a major ice storm a few years ago. And the other was due to a Native American attack. Obviously way, way back in the day.

But for less-dangerous weird-weather days, we just have to cope. (Though individual professors may cancel their classes due to weather; there’s always hope!)

If you live in Kentucky, weather in Lexington will probably be similar to what you have at home. If you live farther away, here’s the run-down on the Lexington climate.

It makes no sense, really.

Our weather is sometimes all over the place. Which is true throughout the state and probably the region. A few weeks ago, we had an 80-degree day followed by a 40-degree morning. And back and forth.

So anyways, here are some weather supplies you might not have on your “What to Buy for College” list just yet:

  • Rain boots. I always thought they looked so stupid. But after a particularly rainy month last fall, I knew I’d have to get over it and buy some boots because you aren’t just running inside from your car at college. You’re running all over campus. Which isn’t far at Transy, but still. No one likes cold, wet feet.
  • Rain jacket. I didn’t think those were necessary either. But trust me. You’ll stay a lot warmer if your clothes aren’t soaked. You can probably find a rain jacket at any sporting goods store. (Actually, I don’t know about that, I just got mine at Dick’s.)
  • Don’t forget an umbrella! Just saying.
  • Warm shoes for the winter. Last year we didn’t get much snow (like, at all) but KY can still get cold. I’m sure there are plenty of options for “winter shoes;” I just have boots. And lots of warm socks. (Can you tell I really hate having cold feet?)
  • Plenty of jackets. Most of the time, it’s not pouring rain or freezing cold. But we do have a lot of in-between weather. You know, not cold enough for a heavy coat, but not warm enough for just a t-shirt. So invest in plenty of hoodies, maybe a lighter fleece jacket. You’ll get plenty of use out of them.

So yes, Kentucky has weird weather. But that means we get to experience all four seasons — instead of it being permanently freezing or hot. It’s just nice to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way. And a great excuse to go shopping!