My Mind’s Musings from Inside a Mouth

As I sat in a rather large mouth, I found my mind racing–not concerning itself with the strange circumstances that surrounded getting into the mouth (for the story involves boring hard-work rather than anything of great excitement), but rather with the people that were about to see me pop out of this bunch of bicuspids.  On the list: my family, some of my best friends, and my lovely communications teacher, among countless others.

Quite a bit of the Transylvania Community got the opportunity to see me leap out of this large set of teeth, dance a Liar’s Jig, fall for many a falsity as well as get slapped by the love of my life 21 different times over the course of two weeks (it was an emotionally trying time lol).  When you’re in a Transylvania Production of The Liar adapted by David Ives, anything is possible.

So there I was, stressing out over the many faces I was about to see.  These people support me, and I don’t think I’d be here without them, my mind thought to itself.  As I reflected on this, I began thinking about the way our quaint university really does foster my own liberal approach to learning.

In fifth grade, when everyone else joined band or orchestra, I just HAD to fight the flu, didn’t I?  (Forgive my mind’s musings to itself, for they’re usually pretty random) Stupid flu not only raised my temperature to a terribly high degree for about two weeks, it also scorched my musical spirit.  Sad face.  Obviously, I could have picked up some sort of instrument, but for whatever reason I wasn’t that interested and opportunities didn’t present themselves.

The label “Band-Geek” didn’t appeal to me very much, and beginner band or orchestra at my middle and high school levels didn’t really exist unless I wanted to pay for lessons outside of school or learn by myself.  It’s kinda nifty that, just this year, I decided to pick up an instrument for the first time and overcome that silly flu’s musical plague.  Since the Transylvania community freaks out, in a good way, over the a capella groups and they have musically-passionate students on campus hosting dances all the time, I finally realized how much I was missing out.

Yeah, I am currently struggling my way through beginner Violin. Key word: Struggling, since the violin isn’t the easiest of instruments. I chose the violin because I wanted to play the violin.  Learning for the sake of learning, how novel, lol.

Setting aside any judgments you may have of my potentially schizophrenic-tendencies, you’ve got to admit that Transy’s really pulling me out of my mentally complacent comfort zone–arguably for the better. From Transylvania Theatre Department Shows that don’t discriminate against non-majors, to free music lessons offered to and encouraged for all interested students, Transylvania University and its staff really go out of their way to encourage passionate pursuits of knowledge for the sake of knowledge rather than just for the sake of a grade or a job.

Our business and education programs have internships built into their majors, the career development office is available for anyone before or after they graduate, and the University does its best to remain connected with Alumni, so, I’d say, Transy does a pretty nifty job accommodating both our passions for intellectual engagement  AND our pursuit of knowledge as a means to an end, all the while never favoring one over the other.  I think that’s why I like it here so much.

By this point in my mental musings, my thoughts drift to Lexington Gallery hops or my forever pressing intellectual stresses as a Junior; however, before I have time to dwell on these things, the music prefacing my pop out of the toothed-trapdoor pulls me out of my intellectual maze.  Focus.  All of your Transy-family alongside your real family are right beyond these canines. Never thought I’d say that, even to myself.  Here I go!

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!! Mesdames, monsieurs….”