First Year Seminar

As a first-year student at Transy you are required to take two semesters of First-Year Seminar. Each FYS class is based on a book and topic. My FYS class is about nature and we are reading The Botany of Desire by Micheal Pollan. In addition to that, the professor usually gives outside readings (i.e. Conservation and the Local Economy by Wendell Berry and All Animals are Equal by Peter Singer). Then we come to class and discuss what we read (this is the seminar part). My professor uses a lot of TED Talks which I enjoy because every presenter is unique and everyone pulls something different away from it. In addition to the readings, there are three formal papers for every class but other assignments will vary depending on the teacher.

Anyway, on Tuesday we had a Topic Fair where professors presented info about their Winter Term classes. There’s 22 topics this Winter and I’m kind of excited! At the end of Winter Semester you do a  presentation and  final paper that’s ten or more pages long (but you have to whole semester to work on it).

**Tips for incoming students: choose a topic you’re really interested in because you’ll get more out of the class.