The Rocking Horse of Doom

I know, I know, the title is slightly weird. But it’s relevant to Transylvania, I promise!

All of the wonderful professors here have their own unique ways of teaching the class. Some of these are quite painful (like a fifteen page paper at the end of the semester) and some are actually kind of funny. They also tend to do some random things in class, just because they feel like it. I even had a professor who brought us donuts for breakfast! The average class size at Transy is 14; there is no way you could get donuts from your professor in a lecture hall of 200 students.

Anyway, I am in Western Civilization II this semester and the professor makes us do reading journals which he refers to as “The Rocking Horse of Doom.” On the first day of class, all of our names were put on seperate note cards and then placed into a baby shower-esque gift bag with an adorable rocking horse on the front. Each class, three people get their cards pulled out of the bag and they have to read their reading response out loud (hence,  doom!)

Thankfully, your name only gets picked out of the bag three times during the semester and you are allowed to “pass” twice! I was officially done with all of my reading journals on Monday. I’m contemplating getting a shirt that says, “I survived the Rocking Horse of Doom.”

But people might judge me a little.