Pumpkin Mania

Photo by Charles Bertram | Herald-Leader

One aspect of Transylvania that attracted me here from the beginning is its sense of community.  There is a real small town feel at Transy, even though we are in the middle of the city.  But what I think is an even greater accomplishment than that is our ability to incorporate the larger Lexington population into our community.  The holiday spirit that is deeply ingrained in Transy’s history and tradition has exemplified this sense of community in the past week.  One of these very festive events was the Pumpkin Mania.

Last week, hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and the greater community came together for a relatively simple task: carving pumpkins.  (I say ‘relatively’ for the less-than-creative and the struggles-with-simple-knife-skills people out there like me.)  However, the effect was no less than awe-inducing.  After two days of intense carving, the steps of Old Morrison were filled with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and varying intricacies of designs.

These pumpkins were more than just a fun Halloween ritual; they represented the diversity, creativity, and passion of Transy students and the surrounding community.  For the culmination of Pumpkin Mania, many gathered together for the lighting of the hundreds of pumpkins lining the steps.  The cold air was filled with excitement, admiration, and of course the wonderful scent of pumpkins!

This ceremony brought children, parents, students, alum, and adorable old married couples together in the freezing cold and drizzle to witness the products of our individuality and achievement light up the night.

In illo lumine, tradimus lumen.  Transylvania’s motto, “In that light, we hand over the light” truly captures the purpose of Pumpkin Mania.  Our diversity and ambitions set us apart, yet they also bring us together as a university.  We are then able to pass on this light to foster relationships with a much larger community, and together we can accomplish anything.