The Excitement of Scheduling!

Last week marked a very exciting day on Transylvania’s campus — the day the new class lists show up online.

No, really. That’s a big deal here. The announcement filled my news feed on Facebook and students were talking about it all day.

Once the classes show up online, we have a new form of productive procrastination. It’s so easy to spend hours looking at all the different options for the upcoming semester.

You can search by subject, area of requirement, even by meeting time if you want to ensure you’ll have no super-early mornings. (Though that last one is probably unavoidable. You’ll have an early semester at some point. And you’ll survive.

So we get 2-3 weeks to obsess over class lists and meet with our advisors before it’s actually time to schedule. Also posted online is the timeline for scheduling blocks. Students are organized by the number of credits they have and then alphabetically by last name. One semester those with names at the beginning of the alphabet go first; the next semester it’s switched to be fair. (My name’s in the middle so I never get to go first. But I never have to go last either.)

Once everything’s set, you can “save” the classes you want and then when it’s your time slot, you can register for everything with one click.

But that’s not even the coolest part!

Once you get all of your requirements out of the way, you’re really only taking classes in your major — so they should all be interesting to you. (If not, you might want to think about a different major.)

So next semester, I will get to take at least two classes in my major and the other two will be (technically) filling requirements, but there are so many choices that I found classes that seem really interesting. And I’m still a sophomore!

What I’m saying is: college scheduling is so exciting because there aren’t strict requirements on what kinds of classes you have to have each year. So if you plan ahead, you can get the least-fun out of the way and spend the majority of your semesters absorbed in your major!

Of course, scheduling anywhere doesn’t work out perfectly every single time. I have been very lucky so far. But our professors and Registrar’s office are flexible and helpful, so in the end, everything works out. 🙂