Visiting Campus: The good, the bad and the super awkward….

Associate Director Kari Kolb

I am sure that students feel like Admissions people are all saying the same things. “We have small class sizes, we have the best faculty, we have great student life, blah blah blah.”

Yes, any college is going to have most of these things. But really, it is all about the fit and how YOU feel when you are walking around on our campus.  You need to make sure you step foot on campus and take in the experience. What does the dining hall look like? Where will I work out? Who will my classmates be? Every college is going to have a pretty website with awesome pictures. Please do not make your college choice on some great photography of a campus where it never rains and the students always look happy.

Though it may look it, students aren’t always this happy and the weather isn’t always ideal. Visiting is the only way to experience the real thing!

I think high school seniors get so wrapped up in taking the ACT, scheduling classes, going to practice and applying for schools that they sometimes forget that they are making a commitment to live at a college for 4 years.

You will sleep and shower here, get sick here, get good and bad test scores here, make best friends here and possibly have a little heartbreak here. You want to make sure you are in the right place to experience all of these things. You need to picture yourself in the college students’ shoes, and the only way to do that is to visit campus.

How many days do you have to visit college campuses? Probably not a whole lot, so make the best of your time while you are on campus. Be thoughtful about your visit. If you want to see something that is going to help you make your college choice easier? Just ask. We are here to help!  We offer class visits, overnight stays and meetings with admissions counselors, coaches, faculty and staff. We are here to show you the things you want to see. We don’t want every campus visit to be the exact same as the last campus, because we are all different. I would suggest having a list of questions in your head that you want to find out before you leave campus.

The campus visit is a great way for you to check out a school, but also remember that this is our first impression of you too. If you come into our lobby, plop down, and put your feet on the furniture, that does not look great. This is a true story.

If you text or tweet through your entire meeting with your admissions counselor? Wah, wah…not great either.

I would encourage you to put your best foot forward. You may never see your admissions counselor again, BUT they are the people that are typically reading your application and making decisions about your admission and scholarships. You want them to think you are a rock star, and if you have a not-so-great first impression, that can all go down the drain. Don’t just go and walk around and take free t-shirts, actually ask questions about the school and show us how awesome you are.

My favorite part of my job is getting to know the students that are exploring Transylvania as a possible college home.  I am not here to pressure you into coming to Transylvania. I am here to help you explore all of the things we have to offer and hopefully make it clear as to which college is the right fit for you.

And please, don’t put your feet on the couch.

Kari Kolb
Associate Director for Admissions