All good things must come to an end

Ashley Howe ’12 on graduation day.

Graduation can bring about a number of conflicting feelings. While the Class of 2016 is preparing to arrive on campus, I am preparing to leave Lexington and move to Virginia for graduate school.

While I am looking forward to a new experience, it is hard to imagine that I won’t be on campus next month when the 2012 school year begins. Working in the admissions office this summer has not only given me the opportunity to meet incoming students and to see their perspectives on Transy, but also to reflect on the past four years and some of my favorite Transy memories.

There is no possible way for me to encompass every experience that I enjoyed while here, but here are just a few of the highlights.

  • Staying in Raf’s tomb: Granted, this isn’t an experience that everyone will have the chance to take part in. Entrance to the “Rafinesque society” is very exclusive. Each year around Halloween during “Raf Week”, a group of four students is selected to stay in the tomb overnight. I was lucky enough to be chosen along with three of my good friends last year and it was a great experience. What happens in the tomb, stays in the tomb, so I can’t give you more details. However, you should definitely enter the raffle at some point while you are here!
  • Studying abroad:  A lot of people decide not to go abroad for an extended period of time because they worry about missing out on campus life while they are gone, but you have to put the experience in perspective. You have seven other semesters to enjoy all that Transy has to offer, but only one that you can spend taking classes anywhere in the world. I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Germany and it was easily the most exciting semester of college. I visited over 20 German cities, ate and drank all of the best German specialties, and got to know a very colorful German family who was kind enough to host me for the semester. Almost anyone with any major can participate in a study abroad program, so be sure to stop by and talk with Kathy Simon (our study abroad coordinator) to find out more.
  • Hanging out in Back Circle: From games of soccer in the snow to lounging around during May term, Back Circle has been one of the staples of my Transy experience. During the warmer months (and especially May Term), Back Circle becomes very popular for sand volleyball, grilling out, and hanging out. A lot of fun events also happen in Back Circle throughout the year. This past May Term I got to see how talented Transy is at the May Term talent show, enjoyed listening to Ryan Anderson and Maria Starck perform outside, and spent time hanging out with my friends before graduation.
  • Getting off campus once in a while: There is always so much going on at Transy that it can be tempting to spend the entire semester within the confines of our small campus. Getting off campus and enjoying a change of scenery every once in a while was essential to enjoying life at Transy. The public library and the Third Street Stuff coffee shop are great alternatives to staying on campus if you are having trouble focusing in the library. All of my favorite restaurants are within walking distance to campus, so be sure to stop by Stella’s, Wine + Market, or Table 310 when you feel like taking a break from the Caf! (Check out the Kentucky Theatre and the LexGo website to keep up with Lexington events!)

– Ashley Howe
Class of ’12