My Transylvania Bucket List

Kelsey Smith, Class of ’13

Call me weird, but ever since I saw The Bucket List, I wanted to do more with my life.

So, at the ripe old age of 17 I created my own bucket list. I’m up to 79 items I wish to accomplish before I die. Six and 1/3 things have been crossed off of my list. When I came to Transylvania I started thinking, why not make a college bucket list? So, below is my personal list of things that really should be done before you leave this fine institution.

I challenge you to take this list and add to it, but only if you think you can get it all done by May of 2016. I wish you luck and enjoy every moment of making and accomplishing the list.

Commence Kelsey’s Transy Bucket List!

  Survive Indi’s fried chicken
  Participate in a black light party
  Go to Red River Gorge
  Join a club or organization
  Play volleyball in back circle
  Study or travel abroad
  Get an A+ on a test/paper and hang it on the mini-fridge
  Go to Keeneland
  Run through the fountains by the court house
  Go to Lexington’s Saturday morning Farmer’s Market
  Walk to Triangle Park and watch the waterfall at night
  Watch a movie at the Kentucky Theater
  Spend the night in Raf’s tomb
  Dance your heart out at a formal
  Pull an all-nighter studying with good friends
  Go to stress fest
  Take a nap in an odd place on campus
  Have lunch with one of my professors
  Attend at least one sporting event per season
  Go on a date to Third Street Stuff
  Show my parents my favorite spots on campus during Family Weekend
  Go to a horse farm and feed them apples and carrots
  Find a favorite local restaurant within walking distance

– Kelsey Smith, ’13