10 Things to Do With Your Last Month of Summer

Bryan Conover, Assistant Director of Admissions

There are 31 days left until you move to Transylvania University for your first-year! We are so excited that you will be joining us on campus soon. I wanted to take a few minutes to share the Top 10 Things to Do with your last month of Summer. Enjoy!

Here we go…

  1. Spend time with your high school friends – All of you are about to embark on exciting new adventures. Some of you will be staying close to home, some will be going across the world. Spend some time with these folks because it may be awhile before you get to hang out again. My 10-year reunion is coming up in a few months and it is unbelievable how fast the time flies.
  2. Buy twin-XL sheets – Believe me, you want to do this.
  3. Talk to your new roommate – The Res Life office sends out the name and contact information of your first-year roommate. Use it. Don’t show up on August 10th with two fridges, two TVs, two rolls of carpet, or whatever. I am not sure if you have ever had to snuggle with a roll of carpet before, but if you don’t coordinate who is bringing what things to Lexington, you may get to find out.
  4. Play with your pets – Sorry, Larry the hamster has to stay home. I know that watching him run the wheel is probably the highlight of your busy summer day, but he won’t be able to live in Forrer or Clay Hall with you. Sorry. Get those hours of wheel-watching in while you still can.
  5. Read a book for fun – No, seriously. Recreational reading becomes more and more difficult when you have 60 pages of reading for your History course every night. Oh, there will be First-Year Seminar papers, Biological Interactions labs, and Music Appreciation assignments to do, too. If you were waiting to start the Hunger Games, wait no longer (or wait until December).
  6. Start a blog – This is a great way to keep in touch with others and have some fun chronicling your journey to college. It may also provide a nice outlet for you if you have any frustrations with not having Larry the hamster around.
  7. Make sure you fill out all of your TNet forms– I know that they aren’t the most fun things to do, but they are really important. You don’t want to show up to campus and not have a parking pass because you forgot to register your vehicle. These forms take less time than it takes for you to read this blog post. No excuses, play like a Pioneer (see what I did there?).
  8. Kiss your mom– OK, on a serious note; your parents have done a lot to get you to where you are. Don’t forget the sacrifices that they have made and that they are probably sad to see you go, too. If they are excited that you are off to college, don’t expect to have a bedroom left when you come back for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, my parents fell in the “excited” category. I was relegated to the couch for my tryptophan-induced slumber.
  9. Facebook stalk the heck out of your fellow #TUClassof2016 classmates– I know you are doing this anyway, but I wanted to formally give you permission.
  10. Get excited– You may already be chomping at the bit or you may be anxious about August 10th, 2012. Either way, it is coming. Relish your last month of summer vacation and spend it with those you love. Even if a month seems like an eternity, I promise it will feel like no-time until you are sweating like a beast carrying that snuggle buddy (roll of carpet) up three flights of stairs with your dad. Unless, of course, you are living in Forrer… you get an elevator!

– Bryan Conover
Assistant Director of Admissions
Transylvania Class of ’06