Preparing for Transylvania

John Culbertson

With August approaching fast, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming school year.

However, as a rising Junior, I’ve found there are several “insider” things you may want to know about Transy ahead of time.

Thus, here are a few things to perhaps make your college transition even smoother.

  1. You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life. Transylvania is great in that you can take a variety of classes to help you find what you like to study. While it’s exciting to be set on medical school or law school or whatever post-grad work, you will be able to figure it out at TU if you haven’t already.
  2. There is NO NEED to purchase a personal printer. You can buy one after college if you want, but the school gives each student a bunch of printing money and you have access to any printer on campus.
  3. is a college student’s favorite pastime. Bored? Kill time in between classes by checking out the posts and threads on Reddit. (Way better than Stumbleupon!)
  4. Don’t spend all your flexpoints too early. When you purchase a meal plan, you also buy flexpoints with which to spend on food. Most students have a tendency to spend these rather quickly, but (and I’m saying this from personal experience) don’t run out of points early or else you’ll have to bum off others.

Good luck with school and see you in the fall!

– John Culbertson ‘14