Goodbye, My Senior Friends!

I love Transy! I love Transy not only because of the wonderful and conscientious professors, but also because of the warm-hearted friends that I have made.

As an international student, the biggest academic obstacle during my first year at Transy was the language barrier. Since English is not my mother language, I struggled with my papers and home assignments. The Writing Center became a place that I visited on a regular basis. I’ve loved my learning experience in the writing center! By having tutoring sessions, I not only learned many writing skills, but also became good friends with my writing tutors. Kaitlyn Foree and Erica Clark worked with me most often, and offered me a lot of help! Erica took me to Qdoba, where I had my first burrito. I then became addicted to burritos!

Lucy Wright helped me with my accounting classes. I still remember the difficult times when I was struggling with all the complicated accounting concepts. She was very patient and sometimes explained the concepts to me several times. She also drove with me for my driving practice, but only once. I hope I did not scare her too much.

Ruth Kloha was my resident advisor my freshman year. She was the first Transy student that I met. She was so sweet and offered me great help, both academically and socially. She also organized several interesting activities to get us involved in community building. She took her residents and me to the World Equestrian Games to see the beautiful race courses and horses. We had a fantastic time together!

All these happy moments appear vividly in my mind. I cannot believe that they are going to graduate soon, and am sure that I will miss their lovely presences at Transy.

I hope they have a beautiful future no matter where they decide to go!