Ready for August Term!

As Transy gets ready for the summer, I will be getting ready for August Term!

For the Class of 2016, we will be having an August Term, a 3-week program geared towards adjusting our incoming freshman to campus life and campus academics.  It is an exciting time for all of us at Transy, especially for faculty members and August Term Scholars.

As August Term Scholars, we will be co-teaching with faculty members, and helping the freshman get ready for what level of academic work, especially critical reading, is expected here at Transy. A 3 hour class every morning during the first week from 9-12AM, then the second and third weeks will be from 9:30-12AM, will cover the academic portion of the term.  After class time, aside from completing assignments, there will be plenty of things going on to keep the Class of 2016 busy!

We will be hosting Mary Ann Taylor Hall, author of “Come and Go Molly Snow: A Novel”, the first August Term reading and also a local fiddler. Along with evening events like a campus talent competition and some small group trips around Lexington, the students will also engage in traditional orientation events and informational meetings.

For me, this is truly an exciting time for Transylvania.  I’m slightly biased in my excitement, since I will be an August Term Scholar, but I think that this is a big step for everyone on campus, even the upper-class students.

Our campus life and campus academics will truly be enhanced by having a freshman class that is accustomed to being on campus and being in a college class at Transylvania.  Most importantly, this term will provide confidence, something that is often lacking in freshman students.  Gaining the confidence in the classroom will be a huge step towards success int their next four years on our small campus, much like gaining the confidence to cross North Broadway will be!