My Unforgettable Driving Experience

One of the greatest things of being in the United States is driving. I did not know how to drive in China because the legal age for driving is 18. As one needs a car to get to most places in America, I decided to purchase a car. So far, I have enjoyed my driving experience in the U.S.

I remember my excitement when I first got my car. I called Yunan (a Transy student) in the afternoon, asking him to drive with me, because I have not had my driver’s license at that time.

He was nervous when he first sat in my car. When I told him to wear the seat belt, he refused and told me that he could have the chance to jump out of the car if I have a car crash. On my insistence, he finally agreed to wear the seat belt. Because I was not very experienced (inexperienced, actually), I was very nervous when I drove. I had to rely on Yunan to tell me when to change lanes and make turns.

He was very nervous along the way and asked how I could get my permit. His nervous feeling affected me. On my way back to Transy, I stopped at a T-shaped road, waiting for the green light. After a while, he told me to go.  (Please keep in mind that I was very nervous.) I asked him what if there was a car coming from my right and ran into me. He answered me in a very helpless tone, “Because the light just turned green.

When I got back to Transy, he heaved a deep sigh and said “finally.” When I thanked him for his time, and asked him if he could practice with me sometime again, he said “Maybe… I might not have time.”

After a month of “risky” practice, I eventually passed the road test and received my American driver’s license! Now, I am driving my friends, who are more experienced in driving than I do, to places that they do not feel comfortable driving.

I guess I am just really brave, so are the people who trust my driving skills.