My Old Transy Home

As my sophomore year at Transylvania comes to a conclusion, I find myself looking back and reflecting.  Last night, I was sitting outside, having a smoothie and watching the sunset, and it really hit me.

Being a student at Transylvania University is not what I expected when I came to school back in 2010.  I figured that I was going to be sitting in a library or playing volleyball for the majority of my time. In high school, that was all I did. I went to school, had practices or games, did my homework, then crashed into bed.  I didn’t expect college to be any different, except that I wouldn’t be at home, I would be 5 hours away.

I was so very wrong.

Every night, I crash into my bed, exhausted and worn-out.  However, it’s a satisfied exhaustion, one that makes me happy.  I go to school everyday like I used to, I play sports like I used to, and I still study and do homework.  The difference is that I enjoy it.

My classes are amazing.  Being able to pour over something that you love, for me that thing is history, with people who love it as much as you do is a great experience.  I go get a coffee with a professor after class and discuss some event in the past.  I am at the gym everyday, just like I used to. This time, I play pick-up games of basketball with my friends, I watch P90x and let Tony Horton kick my butt, and I do Zumba classes and watch my poor, uncoordinated body try to dance.  I still study and do homework, but it doesn’t seem as boring as it used to.  My assignments are thought-provoking and interesting, as opposed to the mundane worksheets I received everyday in high school.

The biggest surprise was learning that my home was here at Transy and not 5 hours away.  One week before I moved to Transy, I moved from Northern Ohio to Western Tennessee.  I was caught, literally, in the middle of those two places.  I was unsure of where I was.  I wasn’t sure where to say I was from when people asked me.  My parents lived in Tennessee, but all my friends and my life was left behind in Ohio.  Now, if you were to ask me, “Where is your home?”, I may say Transylvania University.

Last night, I played catch in back-circle with my boyfriend after we ate dinner.  Then we got smoothies at the 80, and sat outside, just enjoying the beautiful weather.  We said “Hi,” to those who passed us, had easy conversation with the people sitting around us.  I realized, more than I had before, just how much this small community is home to me.

Back circle is like the neighborhood playground, filled with green grass, shady trees, picnic tables and a volleyball court.  Sitting out on the tables outside of Thomson is like hanging out on my front porch.  My peers are my family and friends, who are having different experiences than I am in the same 2 blocks in Lexington.

In two years, Transylvania University has made its way into my heart and has made itself my home.

Not too shabby.