Austria, I am Coming!

Summer in Austria is something that I have never thought about before I came to Transy. The study abroad office and the KIIS program made my trip to Europe possible!

The Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) is sponsored by Western Kentucky University and provides international educational experiences in countries across the world. Participating students take at least one class in the summer program. Most programs do not have language requirements, as many classes are taught in English. Although I only had German for one year at Transy, I still can enjoy the wonderful opportunity to experience the European culture! I am going to take Business Ethics and Intro to Germanic Culture while I am in Austria.

I really appreciate Kathy Simon’s great effort in helping me to prepare for the visa interview. She is so helpful, considerate, friendly, patient and organized! Because my interview was on Monday, I had to call her during the weekend to ask her a couple of questions. She was so patient and answered all my questions in a very friendly manner.

While in Austria, I will be staying with two more American students in a host family. We will have classes from Monday to Thursday and have three-day travel time every week. During the long weekend, I plan to visit France, Germany, and Switzerland. I hope to visit the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, enjoy the wonderful culture in Munich, and see the beautiful snow mountain in Switzerland.

I am so excited about my summer adventure in Europe!