“I Can’t Do It Alone”

I’m just gonna put this out there: Transy has the best DPS staff. Ever.

Our Department of Public Safety officers are always available on campus for anything we could need. The twenty or so officers are there to help in the case of an emergency, which thankfully is rare. They can unlock your door if you forgot your key (you’ll do it, no matter how organized you think you are), and they are always looking for ways to help make students’ lives easier. I always knew that. But this weekend, I got proof.

Friday, I was walking out to my car, packed up and ready to leave for the weekend. I had some extra stuff with me — trying to take a load of non-essentials from my room every time I go to my car, to making moving out next week a little easier. But my load wasn’t too bad. And remember, the freshman parking lot is only on the corner of Fourth Street — not far at all!

Anyways, as I was walking around the back corner of Forrer, one of the DPS officers stopped me. He was driving their golf cart and asked if I wanted a ride. I told him I was only going to the front lot. And he said, “Well, hop in!”

The walk really isn’t bad, and I wasn’t struggling to carry anything. He just wanted to help. 

So, as any lazy college student would do, I put my bags in the golf cart and accepted the free ride. On the way across the street, he asked how my May Term class is going, what I want to be when I grow up, etc. He was awesome! I thanked him several times for driving me and he said, “Hey, you can always ask for a ride!” (I knew this, but I’ve never needed to ask, but still, this awesome  option is always there!) He drove me right up to my car, wished me a great weekend, then turned around and drove back to campus — he wasn’t even going that way and still offered to make the drive. It took him three minutes tops, but still. How nice!

As I loaded my bags in my car, and plugged in my iPhone for some driving tunes, “I Can’t Do It Alone” by 3oh!3 was the first song on shuffle. The song has no lyrical value at all. But the title seemed perfect timing.

Yes, I could have made the walk to my car alone very easily. But I’m still going to take the coincidence as a reminder that this whole making-it-through-college thing is not something I can do alone. Without my parents, friends, professors, etc., etc., college would be impossible. But I am so happy that at Transy, everyone, faculty, food service staff, and DPS officers, are all part of our support system. Without them, the road towards becoming a successful college student would be harder, less enjoyable, and lonelier.

So, to the wonderful DPS officer I met Friday, thanks for the ride! 🙂