A Love Letter to Jazzman’s Regular Coffee Selection

Dear Jazzman’s Coffee,

How will I ever quit you? Your close proximity to my dorm room, perfect bonus point pricing, and availability at 8 am have served me well these past four years.

Without you, I could not have made it through finals week, mid-afternoon nap time, or a few late hours at the library trying to memorize dozens, but what seemed like hundreds of flashcards for a Nancy Wolsk art history class (she highly recommends flashcards. TAKE HER CLASS. She’s awesome!).

You have never let me down, Jazzman’s Coffee. Even when the weather turned cold and bitter, you managed to put a smile on my face with seasonal selections…one of them even had a dog on the advertisement…I love a good “Happy Holidays” dog.

I asked for you so often at Jazzman’s that Ms. Erica always knew I needed you in at least a grande, sometimes a supreme. Supreme days were usually stressful, but you helped get me through them.

I am unbelievably glad you are not Starbucks. I admit, that during my first few navigational efforts through campus, I was sad to not find Starbucks . . . but I have been converted for the better. Even if I do occasionally want Starbucks, there is one within walking distance of campus (less than four blocks…we are such a cool campus.), but those affairs have lessened throughout the years, because I never want to leave you for long, Jazzman’s Coffee (waaaaay more affordable than Starbucks).

After I graduate, I will miss you dearly. Drinking you in the middle of Jazzman’s was like being on an episode of Cheers…everybody knew my name! I doubt I will ever experience something like that again, unless I become famous, in which case, everyone will know my name (doubtful). But in this small coffee shop, on this tight-knit campus, I had plenty of people to say good morning to at the start of my day.

Thank you for such a wonderful consumer/product relationship these last four years. As I currently sip your Raspberry Macadamia selection and profess my love to you, I’m getting a little teary-eyed (mostly because you’re a little too hot and I just burnt my tongue).

With Love,

Annie B.