May Term Gets A Little Sandy

This past week, May Term got into full swing with a sand volleyball tournament!  Out in Back Circle, we are lucky enough to have a sand court and a brand new net, which is a staple for a great play term!

Now my friends and I enjoy being fully involved in such campus activities, and we make sure we are properly attired….in matching team uniforms!  For anyone who has ever watched a little Disney Channel when they were younger, the movie “Brink” was surely a favorite. Featuring the ultimate heartthrob of pre-Bieber times, Eric Von Detten, Brink transports us back to the glorious 1990’s and the “soul-skaters” of Southern California…

Now the key part of my brief story is that Andy “Brink” Brinker and his gang needed sponsorship to be in the last skating event, and they were sponsored by Pup N Suds Dog Grooming. So naturally, what better name for a volleyball team than Pup N Suds?

After a brief trip to Walmart, and purchasing several blue tank tops, puffy and acrylic paint, and a pack of brushes, we were ready to create masterpieces. And masterpieces they were! My few words of advice though, is to make sure that the paint is dry before you decide to try on the shirts. Otherwise, you end up smearing the face of the puppy on your shirt, and it becomes extremely difficult to fix. My puppy ended up looking like a gremlin who was fed after midnight.

In our first game of the tournament, we were playing a group of boys, who decided to be named “Team X-Bladz”, our rivals from the movie. Now, being a good person, I informed them that were going to lose the game in principle, because we have all seen the movie, and Pup N Suds wins! However, being stubborn men who think that they can overturn a victory that has forever been in my heart and soul, they chose to keep the name.

Needless to say, Team Pup N Suds handily defeated Team X-Bladz. Now, we may not have won the tournament, or anymore games after the first one, but, it is common knowledge that free Fro-Jo’s heals all wounds!

Happy May Term!