Confessions of a Craftaholic

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I’m a philosophy major contemplating a math major or minor, so no one assumes I like to make crafts.  Oh, if only they knew.  It started out when my roommate, Josiah, made a newspaper flower, and it has slowly evolved into something so much more.  At this point, I’m painting deconstructed lampshades, putting exotic patterns in fabric hoops, and melting colored wax onto various items (not to mention occasionally taking Instagram pictures of my favorite projects).  I’m addicted, and this is my confession.

I have a passion for crafts and artsy things.  LUCKILY, so does Transylvania.  That’s one of my favorite aspects of Transy’s campus: you’re encouraged to study and pursue your passions and interests no matter how diverse they may be.  I’m a philosophy major with a math interest who performs with the improv team, appeared in the Transy production of Almost, Maine last fall, runs Public Relations for the Biology club, and makes art projects as a side hobby (just to name a few extracurriculars).

And, for those of you who may be curious, no, I’m not the only student on this campus with diverse, varied interests.  I firmly believe that Transylvania not only prepares you for a job, it prepares you for life.  It prepares you for a lifetime of learning and pursuing your passions (whether they relate to your primary job or not).  

This post is the first in a series of post relating to Transylvania’s art community.  My plan is to post interviews with faculty, various experiences I’ve had, and anything else that pops into my head along the way.

For now, enjoy a few Instagram pics of projects my roommate and I have done 🙂