Crimson Goes Green!

Locally-grown food supplier map in the Caf

I am so happy to be at an institution that cares for the environment.

This is partially because I am pursuing Environmental Studies at Transy (either as a minor or a self-designed major, haven’t decided yet), but also because it sets our school apart from others. Transylvania is pursuing all kinds of programs to be more environmentally-friendly. Here are just a few of many:

  • Our Office of Sustainability does all kinds of neat projects. The most recent one that I participated in was the Recycle+ initiative. Students conducted inventories of dorm rooms and faculty offices to teach the campus community about ways to save energy and which products are not recyclable in Lexington.
  • Transy is making huge strides in “going paperless.” Many professors post syllabi online instead of printing out copies for everyone. We often turn in assignments through e-mail, and there are recycling bins all over campus.
  • There are cool student groups like T.E.R.R.A. (Transylvania Environmental Rights and Responsibilities Alliance) for people who are interested in the environment. This year TERRA has done things like send a group to lobby at “I Love Mountains Day” in Frankfort to protest mountaintop removal. The group has also met for dinner at restaurants around Lexington that use food materials grown locally.
  • The Sustainability Office, TERRA, and SGA (Student Government Association)  have sponsored an “Anti-Apathy” film series. These are free screenings of topical, super interesting documentaries on Wednesdays in the Campus Center (free popcorn, too!) They’ve showed movies about waste management, water quality, oil, and more. I’ve even had professors offer extra credit for attending some of these screenings!
  • The cafeteria also posts what food comes from local sources. There is a map of Kentucky posted on the wall to show how far food has traveled before it has reached Transy!
  • Transylvania also has a community garden. Anyone can participate and get their own plot in the garden to grow your own food! $5 to join to community plot and $10 for your own 4×20 ft. private plot.
  • Transy offers all kinds of interesting classes about the environment across several disciplines like Environmental Science (which fills your science credit), Sustainable Development, Environmental Philosophy, The Culture of Nature, Environmental Economics, Appalachia and the Environment, and more!

So whether you’re a huge environmentalist, or just interested in saving yourself from impending climate change, there are all kinds of educational and fun opportunities for you here at Transy!