Dr. Hurley is A Treasure!

Thai restaurant

Every student who has taken Dr. Hurley’s classes will tell you that Dr. Hurley is amazing. Her classes are always so interesting and meaningful, encouraging students to reflect on themselves and question everything around us.

I have taken three of Dr. Hurley’s classes: Reading in Peace Education, Schooling in American Culture, and Non-western Enculturation. Dr. Hurley always makes classes inspiring by encouraging student to engage in class discussions. The reading assignments are carefully selected and are eye-opening.

In Non-western Enculturation, we read about different culture and traditions in Asia, Middle East, and Africa in order to gain a deeper insight about cultures other than our own.  I have learned so much about other cultures than I ever did before. It was so fascinating to learn all kinds of different beliefs, cultural practices, and indigenous education in different regions around the world. In addition, students in the class were divided into groups with different focuses on various cultural aspects, such as music and art, flora and fauna, and current events, etc. We then did research about topics that we chose and present our research to the class.

I researched traditions and customs, and learned many new cultural ideas.  For example, public bath was and still is a big part of Japanese culture. Additionally, we played several children games and read children stories in classes to understand the impact of culture on children’s physical and intellectual growth. In classes, we reflected upon our own culture, the American culture and schooling practices, in order to better understand other cultures and how to educate children of various cultural backgrounds in the U.S. The most important thing that I learned from the course is that we should not evaluate other cultures based on our cultural norm. Every society has its own unique tradition and custom. We should appreciate the uniqueness of every culture and learn valuable qualities from them.

In the last lecture, Dr. Hurley showed her generosity by inviting the entire class to a local Thai restaurant. Students were very excited and grateful of having this special opportunity to experience another culture. Everyone enjoyed each other’s company and, of course, the delicious Thai cuisine!

Dr. Hurley, Thank you for being so great, sweet and thoughtful!!!