What 24 days until you graduate sounds like…

“Wait… only 24 days?!”

“I should probably iron my gown…”

“It went by so fast.”

“I don’t want to leeeeeeeeeeeeeave.”

“Which grad school should I chooooooose?”

“I have a job interview on Wednesday…”

“What do you wear under your  gown?”

“The real world is scary!”

“The real world is awesome!”

“I’ve just been apartment hunting all day…”

“I have to start doing my own laundry.”

“I am not gonna miss cafeteria food.”

“Do I have to get a real e-mail address?”

“Twenty. Four. Days?”

“This incoming class doesn’t know how good they have it.”

“Dr. Barnsley is totes gonna miss me in class.”

“So glad I passed Lifetime Fitness.”

“If it rains on my graduation day, I will be so mad.”

“All 36 of my cousins are coming!”

“I’m gonna miss this place.”

“These four years have been insane.”

“I’m so glad I came here.”