FAQs from the Class of 2016

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By now you seniors have made your college decision — how exciting! It is now time for those of you who have officially committed to Transylvania University to start getting to know your future classmates.

#TUClassof2016 has been a useful way to connect with other students on Twitter, and many have already liked the Class of 2016 Facebook page. I remember through the Class of 2015 page, people added new friends, found roommates, and most importantly, got questions answered. Even if its as simple as What size carpet do I need to buy for my dorm? — these questions still need answered!

So here are answers to a few of the questions that I have been asked so far by students in your class — I’m so excited about my friends coming to Transy next year! — as well as questions that I remember having at this time.

Do you have a car on campus, and what about most other people?

I do have my car here and many others do too. But its not uncommon for a student to not have a car, especially in their first year. You’ll meet many new friends that you can carpool with (But just a heads-up from personal experience, if you don’t have a car, don’t keep asking the same person for a ride unless you’re really close friends, otherwise, they’ll feel used). There is a parking lot for first years on Fourth Street — which is not far, I promise! And a parking permit is only $30, much cheaper than it would be at a larger school.

“What you like about the school, the people, and the location?”

[In the interest of saving time and promoting transparency, I’ll just paste in the answer I gave to this question on Facebook :)] Hey! I’m so excited Transy is one of your top choices! I absolutely love it. The school is the perfect level of difficulty — it’s challenging, but the adjustment from high school to college has been easier than I thought it would be. I haven’t had any classes with more than 25 people in them and all classes are capped around 30 I think.

The people are great, too. It’s good to be around people that actually care about school. A lot of people though, I feel like, are the ones that never had to study in high school, etc. and had to adjust to that. (I always had to study, so I haven’t had that problem).

The location is perfect. I loooove having a small school with a little community but Lexington is a vibrant city, a busy downtown, and everything you would “want/need” in a city. There are a lot of opportunities, cool restaurants, etc.

Why aren’t you in a sorority?

This was a very good question, which I think some students are afraid to ask. To the girls who have asked me, I’ve given  the same answer: Greek life just wasn’t for me. I was hoping to get involved in many groups on campus and did not want to make a large commitment to a sorority. Being “independent” was also a financial decision — all Greek organizations will require monthly dues.

That being said, I really like Transy’s Greek system. We have sorority and fraternity halls instead of the stereotypical houses. So if you want to be in a Greek organization, you won’t be excluded from the rest of campus. The ratio of Greek to independents is somewhere around 50:50 (ask your admissions counselor for an official number!) and I have never felt left out because I wasn’t Greek. I don’t regret my decision to be independent, but I still think Greek life is a great way to meet people and make great friendships. Also, Transy has the #2 Greek system in the country 😀

Is it a Coke or Pepsi school?

I never thought about that question before I started college, but it’s definitely a good one! Here was the answer I gave my friend Rachel: “We used to have both, but over Christmas break they signed a contract with Coke. There was a mild uprising because that got rid of Ale-8, but we have Vitamin Water everywhere now!” So, Transy is a “Coke school.” The only real downside for me was that there was no more Dr. Pepper or Ale-8 on tap. But there are gas stations and a Walmart close, and you have a fridge in your room, so even if you prefer Pepsi, you’ll be just fine 🙂

If you think of any other questions before you move in this August, don’t hesitate to ask! Post them on the Facebook page, tweet an admissions counselor, text your friends at Transy, or if nothing else, creep to find Transy students on Facebook and send them a message — We’re friendly, I promise!