What to do in Lexington…

Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends, right up North Broadway from Transy's campus. Tuesday nights are 35 cent hot dog nights!

On my way home for May Term break this past weekend, I found myself thinking about all the great things to do in Lexington, KY. This thought topic was obviously provoked by the passing of “Dinosaur World” (located in Cave City for all of the dinosaur lovers out there).  I’ve always wanted to stop there and explore the prehistoric jungle to be found in Kentucky, but I would feel awkward going there by myself! Any volunteers?

Now back to Lexington… Founded in 1775, Lexington has grown to be a wonderful place, home to the greatest of all schools: Transylvania University. However, if you ever get bored of hanging out at 300 North Broadway, and feel like you want to branch out, here is a list of 6 things I suggest you do!

1) Kentucky Horse Park: Home of the 2010 Equestrian World Games, this place is pretty awesome! A few years ago, my mom and I stopped by on our way to Tennessee and had a great time.  Besides the gorgeous, sprawling blue-grass terrain and walking/horse paths, there is a museum filled with some cool trivia facts, horse shows you can attend, and horses you can even ride! If you are a newcomer to the state/city like I am, it is something I suggest you do!

2) Visit Historic Lexington: There are several places I suggest you visit! One, check out the Hunt Morgan House (it is a 2 minute walk from Old Morrison steps!).  The Hunt-Morgan family was one of the more famous families in the area, and their home reflects it! They have a fancy staircase and second floor has been converted into a Civil War Museum!  Two, go to Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate! It is located off A huge mansion, this place is filled with timeless pieces and is an interesting insight into the life of Henry Clay and his family.  The home also has a gift shop and there are guided tours every hour!

3) Go to a UK basketball game: While I may not be a true UK fan, even this girl can respect a National Championship! Nothing is better than getting swept up into the Big Blue Nation! Rupp Arena is famous across the nation, and the fans are too!

4) Lexington Legends: A few minutes away from Transy is the baseball field where the Lexington Legends play! Everyone loves a baseball game, and this is a great way to spend an spring evening with your friends! The men’s baseball coach at Transy, a talented local artist, opened for the Legends’ first home game!

5) Keeneland: Everyone loves a day at the races! A short drive away from Transy leads you to a long day of fun.  Put on your Keeneland clothes and grab a seat in the grandstands and watch a few horse races.  If you are daring enough, you can go inside the place and stand next to all the cute old men and cheer on their horses from the small tv screens. Sometimes, if their horse wins, they give you a lovely hug and kiss!

6) Shopping: Big city=Big shopping! Downtown, there are tons of cute boutiques to shop through, and the mall and other shopping areas around offer a wide variety of options for every person (even the boys).  Especially at Transy, it is nice to know that you can drive for 5 minutes and find yourself on New Circle Road, where you can fulfill all your shopping needs!

This is just a small sampling of exciting things to do in Lexington! Every corner you turn there is something exciting to do, and you will never be bored!