Pioneers Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Normally when the term legacy is said you think family linkage. Well, in this case my legacy applies to my Transy family and connections.

I chose Transy because of the conversations I had with my high school A.P. U.S. History teacher. In hearing her talk then about the experiences she had, how she grew and was challenged on many different levels made me start to look at Transy to see if this is a place where I would want to be.

Now admittedly, there were some immediate drawbacks, I went to high school in Lexington so going to college in Lexington was not really at the top of the list; in fact my first college application was to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Yeah, that was a good idea in theory but not too practical.

I was actually unaware how much Transy had been a part of my life until I started looking at schools. Four of my top teachers, mentors and academic advisors had all attended Transy, my youth advisor at church attended Transy, even my physical therapist attended Transy, all these great people who I looked up to all from the same place. I have run into alums of this university all over the city of Lexington, the state of Kentucky and the nation, each of them with their own “Transy Tales” which make me realize that I am a part of a great tradition, university and legacy.

For the past two summers I have worked for the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars program. For these five weeks I am exposed to some of the best and brightest students that the state of Kentucky has to offer. In talking with them about their college plans, dreams and goals during the fifth week of the Program, I get really excited when they mention Transy as one of their top choices, (even though we aren’t suppose to, I think these scholars start to become my favorites).

So, we begin the roundtable discussion of Transy; we cover all the topics: Lexington, professors, vampires, housing roommates, etc.. These discussion although highly amusing are very beneficial. Last fall, I welcomed 10 of my governor’s scholars to our campus. Orientation weekend was like a mini reunion and a jolt of excitement.

Now as the decision day is approaching I am starting to get Facebook messages and e-mails from my scholars from last summer stating that they will be Pioneers in the fall. This brings about a spout of mixed emotions for me, I am excited that they will be Pioneers in the fall, but that unfortunate thing called graduation will not allow for me to be here to share in their first-year experiences.

All in all, I am happy here. I feel very fortunate to have a long legacy of Transy alums that have shaped, nurtured and helped me along my path, and as I prepare to join the alumni ranks in 32 short days, I hope to become one of these alums that continue the tradition of excellence that I have experienced.