Oh hey there, roomie!

One of the really cool awesome totally wonderful things about college is that this is (for most people) going to be your first attempt at living on your own. I mean, not totally living on your own. You may not have to cook your own meals, but you will have to do your own laundry (make sure your red socks don’t wind up with all of your whites).

For some of you, this may be your first time living with a roommate, and if you come to Transy, you will most likely have a roommate your first year here. First-year women live in Forrer Hall (I rep’d fourth back my first year. You’ll learn what that means later.) and first-year men live in Clay Hall.

Well, I’m a subscriber to Thought Catalog (a place/blog for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought), and a writer recently posted an article about living with a roommate, appropriately titled “The Pros and Cons of Living With Roommates.”

You can find the article here

The article is hilarious and very true for the most part.

The short and short of it is, living with a roommate is a good experience for everyone to have. I ended up having a lovely experience with my roommate my first year (shout out to Crystal Emerson), and I consider her one of my closest friends at Transy.

If you’re nervous about rooming with somebody, don’t be. Just follow the rules yo’ mama taught you:

  1. Treat your roomie they way you would want to be treated.
  2. Hang up your laundry.
  3. Don’t blare your music.
  4. And remember, sharing is caring.