Exam Week Already?

One thing that I enjoy about Transy is that I can be so insanely busy all the time doing a huge variety of things.   However, this has a major downside: Exam week usually comes as a huge surprise to me.  I imagine that if anyone ever threw me a surprise birthday party, it would be the same feeling that I got last week on Wednesday when I realized that I would only have one more class till exams. Except, there was no cake or presents, just this impending sense of doom.

Either way, there really wasn’t much I could do about it besides to accept the inevitable and wipe the dust off of my 3×5 note-cards and sharpen up some #2 Ticonderogas.

As an expert sophomore exam taker, I have acquired some neat little tricks that help me get through the rough times.

  1. Eating a delicious breakfast before an exam.  It is where you get all the energy that you need so you can write 2 essays, answer 12 IDs and 4 short answers problems in 2 hours.  Personally, I prefer to take the biscuits and sausage patties from the cafeteria and make a sausage biscuit sandwich like they have at McDonalds, and wash it back with some chocolate milk, and maybe some Captain Crunch and an apple.
  2. Find a happy place. Mentally and physically. During the semester it is always a good idea to find somewhere that you feel most comfortable studying for extended periods of time.  Also, exam week bothers the people who spend the majority of their lives in the library because they feel like people who want to study are this sort of invasive species that threatens their reading/study territory! This year I have found that my happy place is located in the Forrer Lab.  I have had some great times down there in the A.M. Also, when you take an exam, don’t imagine you are in a classroom.  It serves only to depress and weaken your motivation.  I like to pretend I’m sitting outside because it relaxes me and makes me a little happier in the process.
  3. Talk to your professors.  We are so lucky here at Transy to have professors that care about us and our success. While each class may have a set scheduled time for the exam, most of our the professors here are completely willing to set up alternate times to take the exams.  That in itself is a huge help when trying to plot out how to study.  It gives you the opportunity to space out your exams over a few days instead of one, and lets you take an exam early so you can go home early.
  4. Relax and take a break every once in a while.  I can only handle staring at a computer screen for so long, so if i have the chance to take a quick 30 minute nap or go work out, I take it.  Also, lets be real.  After a certain period of time, studying turns into reading ancient hieroglyphics.
  5. Think of May Term. One class for two hours a day.  Time for naps and getting tan.  Playing beach volleyball in Back Circle all afternoon and all evening.  Spending time with your friends.  Going on adventures.  Need I say more?

And with those words of wisdom…. Goodnight and Good Luck!