You know you’re visiting during finals week if…

Having prospective students on campus is so much fun. You can’t hide your anxious, unsure, excited, exhausted, nervous faces from us! We were all in your shoes at one point, critiquing Transy on all of its pros and cons, walking around the campus trying to figure out how everybody knew each other. We see you walk in with your Admissions Ambassador, and we smile at you, because we know exactly what you’re going through, and we’re so glad we made the choice that we did to come here.

For those of you that may be visiting Transy at the end of a semester, know that all of us students might look half-exhausted and half-relieved, because we’re so close to that end of term feeling of finite work, at least for a week or so. It doesn’t mean we regret our life choices, or aren’t happy to see you. We’re just trying to kick our all ready strong academic juices into high gear. Here are some things you might see and hear in a visit at the end of a term, and this is what they mean:

  • Students with backpacks that weigh half as much as they do— This is a student that is about to hunker down in the library, or a 24-hour quiet zone during finals week, and stay there until everything they have due is complete, and I mean everything.
  • Students asleep in obscure places— This is a student that was either 1. previously hunkered down, underestimated how long they could stay awake, and ended up falling asleep in an obscure place, or 2. has just finished a final or a paper, and is rewarding themselves with an instant nap.
  • “I’m not going to sleep this week”— This is a phrase that is not true for the most part, because most students are on top of things a little more than that, but Finals Week does occasionally make you feel like you may never sleep again. Welcome to the downside of college.
  • Students in cocktail dresses and dressy casual attire— This is a student who is rewarding themselves for all of their hard work the last few weeks of classes with a trip to Keeneland Race Track to watch some horse racing.
  • “This exam is going to own me, or I’m going to own this exam.” –A student may say this if they have been studying hard for an exam and they either really confident about what they’ve retained, or are starting to second guess themselves. My guess is, with a positive attitude, they’ll do just fine.
  • “I just need to get through _________”– A phrase commonly uttered by a student who knows which final is going to be the hardest, and has their sights focused on that final, and that final only, and then they’ll feel better about finals.
  • Students in the Career Development Center— This is a student who either 1. has a job interview, or a meeting with Susan Rayer and/or Michael Cronk (the directors of Career Development) to discuss internships and job opportunities. Or, 2. recognizes Career Development as a great place to study because it is very quiet, and there is occasionally chocolate.
  • Students in less-than-attractive sweatpants and flip-flops– This is a student (myself included) who has given up physical appearance as a sacrifice to Finals Week, in the hopes that this lack of vanity will lead to a good grade on a final….just kidding….sort of.

End of term gets stressful, but it’s only stressful because we all want to do well. So just know that we students may not look our best, but it’s because we’re workin’ our butts off, and will feel extremely rewarded once everything gets done. As the end of your school year winds down too, here’s hoping that you get all your work done, and that you’re well on your way to making a decision about college!

Hope to see you soon.