Sweet Summer Nectar

Dr. Wagner has class on the steps of Old Morrison.

Summer time has struck Transy’s campus! With the (long awaited) return of temperate climates and cloudless days, the rate of L.L. Bean rain boots and denim has seen a precipitous (no pun intended) decline, in favor of more appropriate summer fare like tank-tops (or “manks” for guys) and Sperry’s.

This subtle shift in campus fashion stylings is no small matter, especially for those, like myself, who consider themselves purveyors of a well-toned female form, but the more important change comes with the new found attitude summer time brings.

This attitude – one I have oh so cleverly called, “The Summer Time Shine” (I AM a big deal blogger you know) – engulfs campus, washing over everyone like a tidal wave of topographically tropic togetherness! Back circle loses its “Frozen Tundra” moniker and is transformed by staffers and students alike into an open area to study, toss the old pigskin (if you’re really into butchering) or more likely a synthetic leather football around, or, maybe even, dare I say, study! *gasp*

Regardless of your own inclination as to summer time pursuit, there is going to be a campus outlet that allows you to get outside and go for it. Quantifying exactly all that the S.T.S. (Summer Time Shine) entails is really quite difficult, but I think it suffices to say, once everyone is fully aware that yes, Old Man Winter has finally realized not returning his calls is grounds for a break-up and we really just aren’t attracted to him anymore, and Sally Summertime has returned after a nasty split last year, they are inclined to smile just a little bit more often. 🙂