Just Another Small School Perk!

I love my iPhone. I mean, I really love my iPhone. (This is not a blanket Apple endorsement…but  I am typing on my Macbook…) Anyways, it is so convenient to have basically a little computer with me at all times. I can check the weather, get news updates, creep on Facebook, take and edit pictures, and communicate with my friends and family.

I can also play apps. This probably places higher on my priority list than it should. But I do love having a few games on my phone, just in case I have a few minutes to kill between classes, or more likely, I have some other work that I’m trying to avoid. My favorites are the ones that connect to your Facebook friends list or Twitter followers to make it easier to play with people you actually know — Words with Friends (basically Scrabble), Hanging with Friends (Hangman), Scramble with Friends (Boggle), and my newest download, DrawSomething.

While this is not made by the same company as the others, it has caught on just as quickly. DrawSomething is pretty much like Pictionary. You draw something on the touch screen with your finger and then your friend guesses! It’s good times.

I’ve recently gotten into an epic back-and-forth game with my Transy admissions counselor from last year, Meredith Plant (who now works with students from Eastern KY and West Virginia).

Before you start thinking that I’m either really creepy, unprofessional, or a suck-up, she started the game with me. And a few games on Scramble with Friends. *I was also asked to mention that Meredith has beat me in those games sometimes.

This may seem trivial, but I just can’t see it happening at any other school but Transylvania. At a larger school, admissions counselors will have too many students to keep track of and cannot devote as much individual attention to you as you’d like. I had a wonderful admissions experience with Meredith and Transy that always made me excited to come visit. But you would expect that relationship to disappear once you commit to a school, right? At Transy, it continues. Meredith and I still talk whenever we see each other and it’s nice to know that our counselors care about us after we commit to a university.

Plus, all of our admissions counselors are wonderful with social media. (See the accounts to the right!) We have the student blog, Transylvania University and Transylvania Admissions are both on Facebook, and every counselor has a Twitter account. You can contact them in any way to ask all your questions. And the @beapioneer and @Transy Twitters are wonderful ways to stay updated on what’s happening on our campus.

So as you start narrowing down your college choices before the May 1st deadline, take advantage of your counselors through any media outlet you can! #beapioneer 🙂