What Do All Those Letters Mean?

On Transylvania’s campus, like any others, there are acronyms and new terms to describe places and positions on campus.

So, here’s a little glossary of the terms I’ve learned so far this year:

RA is a Resident Assistant. Every hall of the dorm buildings has one. Your RA will be wonderful resource your first year in college. They will be there to help you move into your dorm, give you advice on pretty much anything, and answer any questions you have, from Greek life to roommate problems to what to do in case of an emergency. RAs are also in charge of planning CBAs, or community building activities–fun meetings that will help you get to know the other students living in your hallway.

AA is an Admissions Ambassador – either an overnight host or a tour guide. These are the students who will give you a tour of campus, walk to you classrooms, and show you all the wonderful things that Transy has to offer. If you do an overnight visit, you will stay with an overnight host who will give you a more in-depth look at the student experience.

DPS is the Department of Public Safety. We have around twenty officers on campus who are here for whatever the students need — unlocking your dorm when you lock yourself out, driving you to the dorm from the parking lot if you arrive late at night, and taking care of emergencies. All of our officers make themselves visible on campus and are always accessible and friendly.

BSC is the Brown Science Center — the building where, at least, you will take your math and science requirements. BSC is full of labs, classrooms, professor offices, Transy artifacts, and more. I’m still a little intimidated by this building but having my Environmental Science class there this semester has helped.

MFA is the Mitchell Fine Arts building, where you could take all kinds of classes in art, drama,  and more. MFA also holds the Morland Art Gallery, the Career Development Office, and maybe most importantly, the Rafskeller — probably the most popular eateries on campus.

FLA  is Foundations of Liberal Arts. This class is required of all first-year students and essentially teaches you how to write any kind of paper you will encounter while at Transy. You’ll do some reading, and lots of discussion, meet other students in your grade, and come away much more confident as a writer.

The Transy Bubble is what we call the little community that exists on campus. A majority of students live on campus, so a real community develops here, something you can’t find on a much larger campus. You really will start to recognize most people you pass on campus, and will get to know a whole lot of them. There are always impromptu gatherings around Transy, from a snow angel-making party to a water balloon fight to a volleyball game and cookout. This is my favorite part of living at a small school–it makes being away from home much easier.

With all this Transy-lingo down, you will be ready to converse with everyone on campus — and you’ll impress everyone you meet. 🙂


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