I’m a Pioneer in a Big Blue Nation!

I’ve lived in Lexington for 16 years now.

UK fans celebrate following the team's win in the NCAA championship on Limestone St. in Lexington, Ky., Monday, April 2, 2012. Photo by Matt Goins ©2012 HERALD-LEADER

While that may mean I’m not “Kentucky born and bred,” it does mean that I have been in this town long enough to catch Wildcat Fever.

University of Kentucky Basketball is a big deal. It’s ALWAYS been a big deal, and it’s always been exciting when March rolls around. The further and further UK Basketball gets in March Madness, the more contagious Wildcat Fever becomes, and the more blue you see around Lexington. It’s a lot of fun. Couch burnings and inappropriate antics aside, there is a ridiculous amount of excitement and community built around this top-seed team. In March and March alone, you can get a high-five from a stranger walking down the street just because you’re wearing the right shade of blue.

Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, you can at least appreciate the inevitable feeling of an entire town holding their breath together in the last few seconds of a game.

In March, Lexington truly is a big blue nation.

And lemme tell ya somethin’…I don’t feel compromised by wearing crimson and blue. I chose Transy because I love Lexington, and wanted to stay here. Lexington is a great place to receive a college education, and it is a great place to live. I am a pioneer because Transy was the perfect fit for me, academically. It felt right for me the second I stepped on this campus. While some of you may prefer the big campus atmosphere, or truly do want to bleed blue by day and night, that’s perfectly okay. But I like bleeding blue and crimson.

I love UK, I do.  I love basketball. I love watching for Ashley Judd and Jay-Z court-side at the games. I have loved being downtown for every game this tournament and cheering on the boys in blue with what seems like the rest of Lexington. I also love walking back from downtown and returning to Transy, putting on my crimson shirt for Transy games, and giving high-fives to faculty and staff because they too are excited about being a pioneer and a part of the Big Blue Nation.

The University of Kentucky won big on Monday night, and I was a proud member of the Big Blue Nation before, during, and after that game. But the next morning, I got up, put on my Transy shirt, and went to my voice class.

And, oh hey! In case you didn’t know . . . Transy’s Men’s Basketball team PLAYED UK Basketball this year, and both teams finished their seasons in great standing.

This post goes to show ya, you can be a pioneer in a big blue nation.