A Taste of The Town

Transylvania is in a constant effort to diversify our campus and bring in fresh new faces from all across the country, and world. And while individuality is definitely a big part of the college experience, it’s oftentimes far too easy for students from abroad to feel out of place, primarily based on the stylistic differences that paint regional tendencies all around the world.

A student from Philadelphia may fall in love with our school, but what is there closet isn’t already all-polo-everything? Is a kid from Philly doomed to forced stylistic assimilation if he/she ever wishes to come here?

Well, thank six pound, seven ounce baby Jesus (or your deity of choice) for providing potential Lexintonians a solution to this quandary! El Solution has come in the form of Oneness, the street wear shop that’s making waves in Lexvegas.

The store, located on 287 South Limestone, has been established since early 2008, and currently has their thumb on all the latest trends in sneaker and street wear. They’ve found an especially profitable niche in producing high-quality street wear pieces that incorporate elements of Kentucky sports culture and style. Besides just carrying their own exclusive, one-of-a-kind products, Oneness also carries all the most popular established and burgeoning street wear brands. A quick scroll through their website, oneness287.com, displays products from brands like Naked & Famous Denim, TrukFit, Jordan, Nike Sports Wear, Mitchell and Ness, New Era, Play Clothes, Billionaire Boys Club, and Pink Dolphin. The eclectic mix of styles provides any sneaker-head, or lover of style, the ability to completely swag out, or just find a unique UK tee to make you a little different from the next UK fan.

Besides being a bastion of Swaganomics, Oneness has a great story to boot. Started with money from the owner’s pockets, the store waded through a slew of break-in-clean-outs, lackluster initial community reaction, having designs and slogans stolen, and even multiple lawsuits from the University of Kentucky. But like the Comeback Cats of UK basketball lore, Oneness persevered. Now they’re among the most well known stores in Lextown, with enough social cache to set trends and influence the way almost all of the 27,000 students who call this town home dress.

Being an admitted sneaker addict, Oneness is my favorite store in Lexington, bar none. But it can be YOUR favorite store as well. If you are from outside of Kentucky, or feel your own brand of swag doesn’t quite match up to what you see here on Transy’s campus, take a campus visit and give it a look.



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