We Aren’t Quite Done Yet!

So I guess the saying, “all good things come to an end“, definitely applies to this situation.

I have purchased my cap and gown which is only the first sign that this glorious adventure that is Transylvania is coming to an end. My classmates and I gathered and as we walked around to the booths ordering announcements and pictures we began to reminisce about all the time we have shared. This trip down memory lane made this situation a lot more depressing than it had to be. In this moment we talked about the tears shared over organic chemistry test, the smiles we shared at stress fest. All in all, these four years with this amazing group of people has been full with of awesome memories.

Now, we are preparing to take the next stages in life; as we discuss plans for next year I realized how accomplished and amazing this group truly is.

The discussion of medical, law and vet school, to graduate programs all over the country, to esteemed programs such as Teach for America and Fulbright Scholars, I am sure that I will hear great things about the people I have spent the last four years with.

But, the class of 2012 is not quite done, we have a few more things we need to accomplish before May 26th.  Although, the onset of senioritis is slowly setting in, we have completed our last undergraduate spring break  and we have 80 degree weather in March. The class of 2012 is preparing to leave or mark on the institution by paving the way for a future pioneer. The Senior Challenge, is a group of the leaders of the class who come together to design a project which will leave our mark on the institution. Coming up with a project has been no easy task, especially when our number one suggestion was shot down by extreme cost, geometry, and paperwork, yes the idea was to build a bridge across Broadway connecting the two sides of campus. We had to see what was the next best thing.

We decided to start a scholarship fund. This fund will be given to a student who embraces the standard of excellence of the Class of 2012 and Transylvania University. This decision gained fulled support at the first of many senior events occurring as we are well inside the 100 days until graduation. The most exciting thing is that, with 15 donors we have already raised over $5,000 and as the committee begins to set out and start the hardcore donating and pledging process, we only expect this number to rise.

The Class of 2012 has been officially been challenged, not to only be a great class but to provide a way for another student to achieve greatness as well. I am looking forward to the next couple of months and seeing what my class can truly accomplish.