The Vow

What is wrong with The Vow? Last week in one of my classes, we had a discussion about the recent movies that we dislike the most. Most students in the class said that they dislike The Vow. However, some people told me that they really enjoyed the movie.

Out of curiosity, I watched The Vow with my friends at Cinemark last Friday.

I have to confess that I absolutely love the movie! I love it not because Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are in the show, but rather because of their deeply touching vows – as actors of course – to love each other.

The movie was based on a real story of a loving couple. The couple was in a car accident not long after their wedding. Unfortunately, the wife suffered from brain trauma, and lost her memory about her romance with her husband and her marriage. The husband, however, is always deeply in love with his wife, despite the hardship brought by his wife’s loss of memory. They now have two children even though the wife never regains her memory. The couple believes that it is their loving vows that always keep them together. I am so touched by Leo’s (husband in the movie) enormous efforts of trying to get Paige (wife in the movie) back. In the process of gaining Paige back, he endures Paige’s misunderstanding and the scolding from Paige’s family. I think that The Vow is a very sweet and romantic movie, which presents the essence of true love.

So far I have heard many critical reviews about the movie. Some say that The Vow is a romantic but silly movie without any deeper meaning. Some think that The Vow only focuses on the feeling that bring couples closer but not soul-crushing.

However, I truly believe that the story conveys a sense of true love, which is “never separate or abandon,” as we say in Chinese.