Snow Angel Party!

Snowfall in Old Morrison

Snow in March, what a surprise! On Monday, March 5 after the snowy weekend, I received an e-mail saying that there would be a snow angel party in front of the Old Morrison, and students will have a countdown! How exciting! My first American Snow Angel Party!

With great excitement I walked to the Old Morrison Circle. To my surprise, only a handful of students came, wearing gloves and rain jackets. Someone even had snow boots on. I questioned myself: why do they seem like that they are ready for being covered by the snow or having a snow fight? Because only a few of students came, I and another girl went to Jazzman’s, in the hope of finding more participants.

Unfortunately, students in Jazzman’s said that they wanted to stay warm and were not ready to get wet.  “Why get wet?” I asked myself. Their responses suddenly reminded me of seeing an American girl who laid on the snow, waving her arms to make the shape of an angel. I thought that Americans are so in love with land and snow that they even dare to lay down on the ground and let their cloth be soaked by the snow! My mom would yell at me if I were the girl who was lying in the snow!

I then took a look at myself, only wearing a thin hoodie and jeans. I asked myself if I was ready to get wet. Both my brain and my body told me NO! So, I decided to be mom’s good girl and “retreat.” While everyone was walking toward the Old Morrison Circle, I stepped backward. I felt so bad and apologized from the bottom of my heart.  I finally convinced myself that I had a reason for it.

Next time, I will be more prepared! See you next year, Snow Angel Party!