James and the Giant Bubble

Transylvanians have a unique vernacular for the close knit campus community all students and staff find themselves in.

The “Transy Bubble” is an interesting phenomenon to say the least. Its initial connotation may be perceived as a conveyance of an overly insular convent in which no secret is sacred and privacy is non-existent. This would be an incorrect and short sighted interpretation of what the “Transy Bubble” is really like, but one not directly affiliated with the “Bubble” cannot be blamed for misappropriating what the particulars of our terminology are. In actuality, the “Bubble” is all about creating a caring campus environment, and dispelling cliquish social formations.

Transylvania has, in a post secondary interpretation of the “It takes a village to raise a child” idiom, created an atmosphere where both careful upholdance of centralized values and accountability are juxtaposed with normal campus-cultural elements of friendship, sorority, fraternity, and kinship. That confluence of both traditional and extraordinary campus elements create an environment that is definitely, and positively, unique.

As a member of the blogging team at Transylvania, it isn’t my job (nor should it be my goal) to paint Transy as a heavenly utopia without fault and perfect in every way. There are certainly some problems with the social setting Transylvania has created for itself, but what problems we do have here are far outweighed by the added benefits of having a community truly invested in itself.

If you are interested in Transylvania, the small school dynamic is probably one you are already interested in, and this dynamic is in fact present here in our bubble, but in what we at Transylvania feel is an enhanced, bettered version. Our goal is to provide every student with the ability to feel nurtured and payed attention to in all facets of their college experience…no one here is just a number.

This is an aspect of life in the bubble I find to be both challenging and exhilarating, but nonetheless positive. The bubble influences every person here in ways that will shape who they become and what they decide to do after school, but more importantly, how they treat other people.

And besides, the Lexington area is one of the most citizen-friendly metropolises you will find anywhere, allowing for easy and enjoyable escape from our little bubble any time you see fit.


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