Future Oscar Winner!

So last week at Transy, they had auditions for the “Silly T Scholars” Sketch Comedy Show on Monday and Tuesday (Silly T….Willy T….. very witty!) I didn’t go on Monday because I was being a busy beaver and didn’t have the time to sacrifice! So I was extremely hesitant when I received a text message asking if I was going to be at auditions…

The theatre and I go way back- all the way to second grade.  I made my debut on the stage as an elf in my 2nd Grade class musical production of “Elfis” for the holiday season. I sang my heart out, all while making sure that I didn’t lock my knees so I wouldn’t pass out and cause a rippling domino effect of one hundred other seven year old elves on risers.  Then, my theatre career went into an extended hibernation, only to be rudely awakened after twelve blissful years.

I casually made my way to the Tuesday night auditions, rocking wet hair, sweats and an old high school basketball shirt (I thought I rocked it).  I won’t lie, I was extremely nervous and more than a little bit ready to run off the stage.  I’m an athlete and I can do fine at try-outs, because I know that I can rely on skill and talents that I have practiced thousands of times.  Auditions are a whole new ball game for me.  I have no skills, no talent, merely the general overconfidence I like to bring into anything I do. They had us warming up with some little tongue-twister about Betty buying bitter butter (how do you buy bitter butter in the first place, Betty?) and then we did some fun improv-like activities to get the creative juices flowing.

Long story short, we ran through quite a few different sketches with different people and with different attitudes for the characters. I think that trying to get into a character was the most difficult part for me.  As individuals, we bring our own experiences to everything that we do, along with bringing our own views on how we think a script should be read.  I thought that one of my characters was pretty funny when I acted out the skit, only to have one of directors tell me to act it out from a completely different perspective.  It was pretty mind-boggling sometimes, after playing a character as a rather tough and snooty person, then to be asked to play them as delicate and fragile person! After I left, I had mixed feelings about how I did, part of me wanted to be confident and proud of how I did, while the other half told myself to expect disappointment when the casting lists came out.

The directors made us wait 4 days. The suspense was killing me and I was ready to send an email demanding that someone put me out of my misery and tell me I wasn’t cast in any of the sketches!

As a checked my email on Saturday night, I was ecstatic to discover I was cast in two of the sketches in the show! It is a little difficult to express my emotions in text, but I’ll just say my neighbors came over to ask if I was okay and to make sure no one was killing me.

It is still a little difficult to imagine that I, Melissa Moberg, was cast in something theatre-related, especially considering my past history.  It was just one of the incidents where you have to put yourself out there, and I am so happy that I did.