Social Media has landed at Transy…Gracefully.

Social Media Incorporation is a fad that’s currently sweeping our nation. (well at least within the contiguous U.S. I’m not really sure what goes on in Alaska and Hawaii) Americans of all ages have been bombarded with adoption of Twitters by celebs and organizations and encouragements from universities across the country for teachers and students to “integrate” (in this context a broadly used term with an almost sarcastically broad connotation) social media into their academic lives.

But as fads of the past, and basically any worthwhile trend throughout history have demonstrated, adoption of such a trendy convention comes with inherent risks. The presentation can be tone deaf and boring, goofy and ill conceived, dopey and trying-too-hard, sometimes all at once. However, with all the confidence instilled within me by my witnessing of the births of both Facebook and Twitter, and my role as a semi-pretentious, shamelessly entitled, WASPy, generation X-er I say that Transylvania University has successfully incorporated (in this context denoting a seamless inclusion of social media conventions and services to enhance student life and the campus community simultaneously) the dangerously faddy social media mainstays into their personal brand. I know this especially well since besides all the other prerequisites I’ve achieved, I’ve also been directly affected by these implementations!

Transy has several different Twitter accounts, for example, all of which inform and interact with students in different ways about different issues concerning campus. These feeds keep Transy-ers constantly aware of all happenings on campus, as well as future events and trending memes we all find relevant and pertinent. (see the @TransyPains page) Instead of being perfunctory, superfluous measures implemented by an administration determined to stay “hip,” these additions to our campus have exuded genuoisity and positivity from their inception to their implementation to the improvements being made to them all the time.

Now, of course, after my pre-disclosed narcissistic tendencies a shameless plug should be expected somewhere in this post. And, well, here it is.

My favorite part of Transylvania’s decision to effectively incorporate social media into our campus culture is this very blog! Of course my bias must be considered, but as an objective observer of any campus it would be hard not to earmark this endeavor as one of the most beneficial to prospective students, that’s you! This blog is so dear to me, and I believe so important, because it opens up a side of our campus a majority of colleges don’t, that is, the REAL side. Real in this sense must be taken in context, certainly other universities are not fakers or fibbers because they don’t have a blog such as ours. (in some cases that may be the only reason though 😉 ) However, what IS missing from the way most universities represent themselves is a candid, honest look at what STUDENTS themselves do and experience on their campus amongst their peers.

Tour guides and admissions personnel all attempt to paint this picture for prospective, but how well can someone who doesn’t regularly take part in campus goings on articulate what that culture is really like? Here at Transy we want students who WANT to be here, and we feel that upon reading this blog any one with any sense MUST choose this university over all others, even Harvard or Yale! But in reality, that comment is only half joking.

Upon reading the blogs of the supremely talented bloggers on our staff, you, the prospective student, will be able to accurately ascertain what exactly separates Transylvania from other liberal arts colleges around the world and in Kentucky. We are honest and open, but also not afraid to speak to the awesomeness that defines us. So read our blog, follow our Twitter feed, understand what our community is all about, then come and join us!

And if any of that sounded like an admissions brochure….I may have ghost written several of the most prominent universities own admissions brochures, and old habits really do die hard. (like Bruce Willis)