So tomorrow at 5 p.m. is the initiation for the new members of Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society for First-Year Students! Our chapter here at Transylvania is still very young and we will be graduating our first seniors this upcoming June.  In order to be in ALD, first year students must have achieved a 3.5 GPA and be in the top 20% of their class.

Our ceremony is pretty standard, we have candles in the Chapel in Old Morrison.  However, we have a secret weapon that sets us apart from all other chapters of ALD…. made-from-scratch Paula Dean red velvet cupcakes (diabetes included).  Essentially, they are delicious and will ruin your Spring Break diet.  And I’m totally okay with that!

This year, I was lucky enough to be one of the bakers for these scrumptious snacks!  So I headed down to the food lab in the basement of MFA, and was amazed by the quantity of industrial-sized ovens and mixers we have! We only needed to bake 5 dozen, but the recipe apparently made 6 dozen (it was a real moral dilemma and we just decided we would eat the dozen we didn’t need).  So we got to mixing and eventually got all the cupcakes in the oven, then began to create our frosting.  Little did we know it was going to be long and confusing process.

I had arrived in the kitchen at 6:30 sharp to bake the cupcakes.  It was 10 before we were finally done.  For some reason, the frosting wasn’t thickening and was a little bit too creamy to hold a shape.  We started with 6 packages of cream cheese, 6 sticks of butter, 4 pounds of powdered sugar and some odd amount of vanilla.  There was obviously some issue since we were following it exactly.  Little did I know, there is actually a ratio you are supposed to follow with fats and sugars, so we ended up adding another 4 pounds of powdered sugar!  This required us to get out the huge industrial mixer we hadn’t used yet to get all the powdered sugar in, and the sugar made it even more delicious than before.

So after consuming an absurd amount of frosting and raw batter (the best part about industrial sized stuff is the industrial sized beaters), we managed to create the most fantastic cupcakes I have ever eaten! I’m pretty excited for the initiation tomorrow, but mainly because I can’t wait to see everyone taste the cupcakes!


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