Accidentally on Purpose

It’s not often in life one gets to engage in an activity that is truly loveable. Yes, we like a lot of things, but as far as the heart warming, smile forming, all over body-feel good variety goes, rarity is very much the word. However, I can honestly say I have found something I LOVE here at Transy.

What is that thing you ask? Well…with the temptation to cliff hang the answer to develop important suspense that might heighten your interest as a reader, I will acquiesce, and reveal that this activity is the improvised comedy troupe at Transylvania, the aptly named ImprompTU.

ImprompTU is a comedy group led by junior Cameron Lyndsey, and is comprised of several members from different backgrounds and classes. To join the team, interested students tried out in a series of two auditions, after which the final squad was selected.

I have always been an amateur afficiando of comedy, so I was immediately interested in this extracurricular. Once I made the team, my love for comedy, and specifically improve comedy, really exploded.

The show put on by the troupe are one of the most widely attended and anticipated on campus, with attendance regularly exceeding 300. But the large crowds aren’t what I love about performing in ImprompTU. The most exciting part of any performance is the personal challenge each comprises. For me, it is not, “How well can I make Taylor look,” but rather, “How can I work most effectively with my teammates to create a product people will enjoy.” That is a challenge that is difficult to overcome, but with the help of my teammates, we regularly manufacture comedic product that I can say, without any pretense of hubris or arrogance, is grade A.

I’m not sure what I would do without the stimulation and challenge of ImprompTU, but I DO know an activity such as this is always somewhere to be found on Transy’s campus, students merely have to look for their own.